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Should Writers Use AI?

AI is here to stay. The question is how to live with it, and all of the ethical, moral and economic decisions that implies.

For starters, do you agree with the above sentiment?

Some authors use AI now to write their stories via many rounds of back-and-forth prompts using AI story generators like ToolBaz, Squibler and Editpad. If the idea belongs to the author, who guides/collaborates with the tool, does that constitute a copyrightable story, or not?

Jessica Bell, publisher of Vine Leaves Press, and other literary publishers featured in a recent Poets&Writers article, Managing Submissions in the Age of AI (May/June 2024) talk about the need for employing AI content detection tools like Writer or Copyleaks to weed out wholly or mostly AI-generated books.

Before submitting, writers can input their work into the same software to see how much of their work would be flagged for plagiarism, and based on the result, adjust the content.

What do you think about writers using AI?


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