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The Future of Neurodiversity Presentation

Martha with her nephew, Brian.

If you'd like us to offer The Future of Neurodiversity: Increasing Awareness and Empowerment at your institution, contact Martha at

Teaming Up!

What a hoot to team up with my nephew, Brian, to present The Future of Neurodiversity to the faculty of his alma mater Franklin Academy, a private Connecticut high school for students with communication challenges like autism.

The presentation included

  • a brief history of autism

  • explanation of neurodiversity and neurodivers families

  • what can be done to improve the better prepare neurodiverse kids for a bright future, including working with their families

  • and what measures are being taken to help neurodiverse people at the university, corporate and federal level to increase their opportunities for employment

Thanks to Kinsley Rausch for arranging the gig!


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