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When Your Book Rights Revert Back to You… Republish!

I am jazzed to announce The Wind Thief, my second book and first novel, is now available as an ebook through all of the major outlets.

The rights for this literary book, along with Growing Great Characters, recently reverted to me when the publishers for each said they wanted to get out of the business. I asked them to send an email formally releasing the rights to me.

I decided to republish the books for 2 reasons.

The Quality

Whereas the material for some books ages, most typically with nonfiction books that handle culture and research, my books are still relevant. I did update the writing book to include that most submissions are now done digitally, but that’s the only change I had to make.

Future Marketing

As I move toward promoting my second novel, Winter Light, which will be published by Vine Leaves Press in October 2020, I wanted to let readers know I have other books. People might like to buy them, and the books will convey I’m an experienced writer and the chance my next book will be worth reading is high.

The Process was Easy

When faced with formatting my two books and determining how to distribute them, however, I was overwhelmed. But then Kate Tilton of Kate Tilton Author Services sent me a link to Draft2Digital.

The company is one of three digital book distributors that includes Smashwords and PublishDrive. I read a review by Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur and he mentioned the one feature D2D offers that I needed, but the other two don’t have: the company converts your manuscript to ebook form, including for the Kindle.

The process takes about an hour initially as you move through the prompts for loading a book cover, determining if you want the company to automatically generate a copyright page under your name, and you fill out bank information so the business can send you royalties, etc. My manuscript got turned down because I embedded links to my website. Once notified, I took those out, filled in the hyperlink address for my website in the field D2d provided, and the book began loading to the following:

  1. Amazon

  2. Apple Books

  3. Barnes & Noble

  4. Kobo (including Kobo Plus)

  5. Tolino

  6. OverDrive

  7. Bibliotheca

  8. Scribd

  9. 24Symbols

  10. Baker & Taylor

  11. Hoopla

The company sends you updates as the book is accepted by the various digital outlets. The company also provides a multitude of tools to help market your books.

In exchange for such simplicity, the company takes a cut of the royalty, an arrangement I found completely worthwhile.

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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