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7 Habits for a Healthy Mind

I used to think I was enlightened about good mental health, but that I personally didn’t need therapy. Then I went through a crisis, one I talk about in my upcoming memoir Bliss Road (2023).

Now I know differently, that all of us can use personal training of the soul to become our best selves.

Having collected a lot of resources while writing my memoir, I’ll pass them along over time, including that of the Mental Health Foundation, a groovy organization based in Albany, NY, that can help you find your way toward an even better you. Sounds so corny, but I wouldn’t say that phrase if I didn’t now fully believe it.

On the website are the following actions for Maintaining a Healthy Mind, adapted from Christopher Bergland’s The Athlete’s Way, which is the first list I’ve seen that includes the need to foster curiosity and creativity.

How many of these do you do pay attention to regularly?


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