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Book Review: "The House on Liberty Street"

by Frances Rivetti

The House on Liberty Street is a charming Northern California cozy thriller that combines the comfort of curling up with a cup of tea in one hand and this exciting page-turner in the other!

The story takes place in the superb setting of septuagenarian Adamarie’s worn, yet regal Victorian house in the lovely picturesque town of Petaluma north of San Francisco.

Besides falling in love with Adamarie and her house, I fell in love with her daughter, Gracie, who’s returned home with her two delightful young daughters after divorcing the abusive, mentally unhinged husband, Raymond.

Now Gracie plans to get on with her life, which means reconnecting with an old high school love interest, all while Raymond lurks ominously in the background.

I should mention all of this takes place at Christmas when the weather is cold and rainy. But inside, the house smells of lavender, homemade biscotti fills the cookie jar, and woodwork gleams in the firelight.

In other words, a cozy place in which to watch a mother’s insistence and a daughter’s determination unite to protect against those who mean harm, while allowing in those who mean to love.


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