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Native American Tribes of Precolonial New England: Amazing Runners

One of the coolest facts I learned about the Native American tribes who lived in precolonial southern New England is that many of them were natural marathon runners.

While tribes like the Pequot lived near waterways, and so used dugouts made from hollowed-out logs, indigenous people also trekked through the forest to hunt and visit relatives. When in a hurry, or to catch game, they ran for miles at a time. A great article in The Harvard Review talks about 20th century Native Americans who won the Boston Marathon due to that heritage of travel.

And if you’re wondering about horses… While a small ancient horse roamed North America, the animal went extinct about 10,000 years ago (Nature, Horses in American: A Comeback Story). That meant indigenous people didn’t use the animal for transportation until the Spaniards brought the European horse in the 1400s.

What’s your favorite mode of transportation? Plane? Convertible? Boat?

I have two: walking and biking. I do like to run, but only on trails.


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