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Non-Resolution New Year Bliss

New Year’s resolutions are, bar none, the best way to fail because they’re often too unrealistic to be achievable.

So that’s my New Year’s wish for you, that you commit to non-resolution like the kind Kelly McGonigal, author of The Willpower Instinct, talks about in an interview titled How to make a New Year’s non-resolution.

She says if we want to change a behavior, we simply commit to what we’re already doing. By seeing our current activities clearly (how many cigarettes we smoke each day, how many days we don’t exercise, etc.) we’re more likely to make conscious decisions to change those habits.


What’s your non-resolution for this year?

For me: commit to the same level of communication with friends and family so I can more clearly see the opportunities for better communication.

Happy Non-Resolution New Year!


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