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Preorder BLISS ROAD!

The time has come to preorder BLISS ROAD!

If you’re thinking of ordering, do so now. The higher the preorders, the better the book will do.

Now. No indie author makes money on books. Most of us end up spending our money to market. Therefore my only goal in having this book do well is to spread the message the more deeply we understand ourselves, the happier we’ll be.

And feel free to subscribe to my newsletter: I’ll be handing out two free signed copies upon publication June 6.

And out of curiosity, what gets you to your happy place?

Me: family, writing, nature.

Happy Passover!


For updates about Martha’s forthcoming books, new and giveaways, subscribe to her website:

BLISS ROAD, a memoir, June 2023

THE FALCON, THE WOLF AND THE HUMMINGBIRD, a historical novel, Sept. 19, 2023,

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