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Teaming With Other Authors = 29 Free Ebooks!

Author Brian David Floyd recently decided everyone everywhere needed inexpensive distraction during this time of shelter-in-place. So he organized a Fun Reads for April! book promotion that offers readers 29 — 29! — books for free download, including mine (The Wind Thief), from April 7 – May 1.

Brian easily accomplished the task through BookFunnel. The online company offers a variety of services depending on the plan an author buys, the least expensive costing $20.

Even at that level, BookFunnel offers authors what they most need, an easy way to upload a digital copy of their books — and have it sent where it needs to go — for promotional purposes. Those include book giveaways or providing advanced reader copies (ARCs) to people who’ve agreed to read and review your book before it’s published. Authors can even send two hours of an audio reading of their books to subscribers.

BookFunnel also allows authors to create, or participate in, group promotions like the one Brian organized. I opened an account at BookFunnel last week. When I saw the listing for Brian’s promotion, I thought, why not?

When I saw the response he got from other authors, along with the beautiful display of book covers, I finally understood the power of teaming up with other authors.

BookFunnel and BookSweeps, a company that organizes book promotions and collects email addresses for authors’ subscriber lists, make it easy to meet authors who write books similar to yours. Not only is it fun to reach out to those authors and find out who and where they are, but you can work together to provide your readers with a much more expansive list of book suggestions.

By being generous in promoting fellow writers’ books, your readers will come to see you as one of them, a reader who loves great writing. And as a member of the tribe, they will appreciate you even more!

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