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BLISS ROAD Book Discussion With Neurodiversity Experts

Do you live in the San Jose, CA, area or know someone who does? Please come or pass on the info!


When I run FB ads, readers can comment. Recently someone left a remark to the effect that some neurodiverse parents (like all parents) do a great job (I agree!), so books like my memoir, BLISS ROAD, about being the neurotypical daughter of an undiagnosed autistic dad, might unfairly cast a shadow on such parents.

While researching the book, I do know how much discrimination neurodiverse people face, so I understand why my book would touch a sore spot. And to be clear, I do think all parents — including myself — can benefit from parenting classes.

The point of the memoir, however, is neurodiverse families face so many challenges: because the distance between brains types is sometimes so far apart. That’s why I’m a huge advocate for neurodiverse family coaching, which is why I put together the above program with Lisa Sinclair, a certified ADHD and dyslexia coach, and Jen Kuhn, a child psychologist and neurodiversity researcher.

All families deserve to be happy! Some just need a little more help than others.


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